Over the past two years we have started to work on our corporate social responsibility programme (CSR) to complement the work we have done since 2017 to improve the environmental treatment and upkeep of the garden & the biodiversity measures in and around the gardens.


The end of the use of pesticides; bio-dynamic soil improvement; natural disease prevention and treatment of plants; banning the use of plastic ties for plants, instead replacing them with wicker ties; eco-friendly management of meadows and undergrowth, to revitalise the fauna and flora … have already been put into place.


In order to go further with this approach to garden management, and to be able to measure its effectiveness, we are currently setting up strategic and operational objectives that we will endeavour to apply and evaluate each year.


Our objective is to move towards a sustainable oeconomy* for the Prieure d’Orsan, while at he same time working on three main subjects :

- Restoring and enriching the sites biodiversity.

- Increasing and enhancing the sites in situ resources

- Minimising the environmental impact of activities here at the Prieuré d’Orsan.


We will regularly publish the results of our actions.


*Oeconomy: Term used to define a new type of economy that takes into account the biosphere and ecological issues. (Source: Wiktionary)